source: proteus.BoundaryConditions and proteus.mprans.BoundaryConditions


This module offers a framework to deal with boundary conditions that can either be set manually or by using predefined functions that have been optimised through cython/C++ code.


The base BoundaryConditions module can be imported as follows:

from proteus import BoundaryConditions as bc

The mprans version of BoundaryConditions, adding functionality specific to multi-phase flows, can be imported as follows:

from proteus.mprans import BoundaryConditions as bc


The base proteus.BoundaryConditions only initialises empty proteus.BoundaryConditions.BC_Base instances. In practice, proteus.mprans.BoundaryConditions is always the module imported for multi-phase flow applications, with pre-populated proteus.mprans.BoundaryConditions.BC_RANS that include the most common BCs used in Proteus. It is also usually used through SpatialTools without being directly imported.