proteus.mbd.ChRigidBody module

Coupling between Chrono and Proteus is done in this file.

Objects (classes) starting with ‘ProtCh’ (e.g. ProtChBody) are objects that have logic specifically developed for communication between Proteus and Chrono.

Objects starting with ‘Ch’ (e.g. ChBody) are objects that only have Chrono logic associated to them.

Some ProtCh objects give access to the Chrono object: my_protchsystem = ProtChSystem(gravity=np.ndarray([0.,-9.81,0.])) my_protchbody = ProtChBody(system=my_protchsystem) my_chbody = ProtChBody.ChBody my_chbody.SetPos(…)


Create a link between 2 bodies. Master body is body2.

body1: ProtChBody
Instance of first body
body2: ProtChBody
Instance of second body
body2: ProtChSystem
Instance of system to add link
coordsys: proteus.mbd.pyChronoCore.ChCoordsys
Coordinate system of link
limit_X: double
Limit in x direction
limit_Y: double
Limit in y direction
limit_Z: double
Limit in z direction
limit_Rx: double
Limit rotation around x axis
limit_Ry: double
Limit rotation around y axis
limit_Rz: double
Limit rotation around z axis