proteus.default_p module

The default values for problem definition modules = None[source]

The name of the model


None or string

proteus.default_p.nd = 1[source]

The number of spatial dimensions of the model domain

proteus.default_p.domain = None[source]

The domain object


None or proteus.Domain.D_base

proteus.default_p.movingDomain = False[source]

Boolean to indicate moving domain

proteus.default_p.polyfile = None[source]

The filename of a polyfile giving the domain

proteus.default_p.meshfile = None[source]

The filename of a mesh giving the mesh/domain

proteus.default_p.genMesh = True[source]

Boolean to trigger mesh generation

proteus.default_p.L = (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)[source]

Tuple of dimensions for simple box shaped domain

proteus.default_p.x0 = (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)[source]

Tuple of coordinates for corner of simple box shaped domain

proteus.default_p.analyticalSolution = {}[source]

Dictionary of analytical solutions for each component

Each element should be an object of type proteus.AnalyticalSolutions.AS_base

proteus.default_p.coefficients = None[source]

Transport coefficients object

The object should be of type proteus.TransportCoefficients.TC_base

proteus.default_p.dirichletConditions = {}[source]

Dictionary of Dirichlet conditions for each component

proteus.default_p.boundaryCreatesNullSpace = False[source]

Indicates Dirichlet boundary conditions create global null space.

proteus.default_p.periodicDirichletConditions = None[source]

Dictionary of periodic boundary conditions for each component

proteus.default_p.fluxBoundaryConditions = {}[source]

Dictionary of flux boundary condition flags for each component (‘outFlow’,’noFlow’,’setFlow’,’mixedFlow’)

proteus.default_p.advectiveFluxBoundaryConditions = {}[source]

Dictionary of advective flux boundary conditions setter functions

proteus.default_p.diffusiveFluxBoundaryConditions = {}[source]

Dictionary of diffusive flux boundary conditions setter functions

proteus.default_p.stressFluxBoundaryConditions = {}[source]

Dictionary of stress tensor flux boundary conditions setter functions

proteus.default_p.initialConditions = None[source]

Dictionary of initial condition function objects

proteus.default_p.weakDirichletConditions = None[source]

Dictionary of weak Dirichlet constraint setters

proteus.default_p.T = 1.0[source]

End of time interval = True[source]

Use sparse representation of diffusion tensors