proteus.Optimizers module

Class hierarchies for working with minimization problems

Inheritance diagram of proteus.Optimizers

class proteus.Optimizers.ObjectiveFunction_base(LHS_x, RHS_x)[source]

Bases: object

class proteus.Optimizers.MinAlgo_base[source]

Bases: object

This is the base class for the minimization algorthms class, and can be used to find the min of a 1-D function.


class proteus.Optimizers.fminbound(FuncToMinimize, Tol=1e-11)[source]

Bases: proteus.Optimizers.MinAlgo_base

This is a function that uses a golden ratio routine for finding the minimum of a 1-D function. It returns the pair (xmin,f(xmin)) when its solver is called. It assumes that you have a bracketed already bracketed the minimum between two end points, and provide some good initial guess. Note there is also an endpoint hack.