proteus.LatexReport module

Class and script for generating a report from simulation data.

Inheritance diagram of proteus.LatexReport

proteus.LatexReport.openLatexReport(filename, reportname)[source]
class proteus.LatexReport.LatexResultsSummary(resFileName, repFileName, repName=None)[source]

Bases: object

simple steps for taking simulation results and generating Latex Table of results

pickle = <module 'pickle' from '/home/travis/miniconda/envs/proteus-dev/lib/python3.10/'>[source]
generateSpatialConvTable(time='Last', useRelativeError=False, relativeErrorEps=1e-10)[source]

produce table that has spatial error for different levels at a given time. If useRelativeError is true, the error values are normalized by the “exact” solution norm on the finest spatial mesh with a fudge factor given by relativeErrorEps

component & level & h & error & rate